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Hit the Road: Epic Road Trips from Grants Pass, Oregon

Posted on 27 Jan, 2022 at 12:00 am - by Isla Coventry


Grants Pass, Oregon, is not only a charming city but also a fantastic starting point for epic road trips. With its strategic location in the heart of the beautiful Rogue Valley, you can easily embark on exciting adventures that take you through stunning landscapes, hidden gems, and remarkable destinations. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some of the most memorable road trips that begin in Grants Pass and allow you to experience the wonders of Oregon and neighboring states.

The Pacific Coast Highway: Highway 101

Embark on a coastal journey along Highway 101, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway. This iconic road trip takes you along the stunning Oregon coastline, offering breathtaking views of rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and charming coastal towns.


  • Explore the picturesque seaside town of Bandon, known for its unique rock formations and world-class golf courses.
  • Visit the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, where you can take exhilarating dune buggy rides and explore the expansive sand dunes.
  • Discover the charming coastal town of Newport, home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Columbia River Gorge: Waterfalls and Scenic Beauty

Head east from Grants Pass and embark on a road trip through the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. This route takes you along the mighty Columbia River, passing through lush forests, towering waterfalls, and awe-inspiring vistas.


  • Marvel at the majestic Multnomah Falls, one of the most iconic waterfalls in Oregon.
  • Explore the Historic Columbia River Highway, a scenic byway that offers stunning viewpoints, hiking trails, and access to several other waterfalls.
  • Visit Hood River, a charming town known for its vibrant arts scene, outdoor recreation opportunities, and access to windsurfing and kiteboarding on the Columbia River.

Crater Lake National Park: A Natural Wonder

A road trip from Grants Pass to Crater Lake National Park promises breathtaking beauty and natural wonders. Discover the pristine blue waters of Crater Lake, formed within the caldera of an ancient volcano.


  • Take the Rim Drive around Crater Lake to experience panoramic views and access various hiking trails.
  • Enjoy a boat tour on Crater Lake, where you can witness the lake's stunning clarity and learn about its geological history.
  • Explore the surrounding trails and wilderness areas, such as Mount Scott and the Pinnacles.

Redwood Highway: Majestic Giant Sequoias

For a road trip that ventures into California, travel south on the Redwood Highway (Highway 199) from Grants Pass to experience the majesty of giant sequoias and the beauty of the northern California coastline.


  • Visit Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, home to some of the tallest and oldest trees on earth.
  • Stop by the charming town of Crescent City, known for its beautiful beaches and harbor.
  • Explore Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, where you can hike through pristine wilderness and witness the rugged beauty of the northern California coastline.

Smith Rock State Park: Rock Climbing and Scenic Vistas

For a road trip that showcases Oregon's high desert and natural beauty, head east from Grants Pass to Smith Rock State Park. This unique landscape is a rock climber's paradise and offers breathtaking views of the Crooked River.


  • Climb some of the best rock formations in the country, with routes for all skill levels.
  • Take a hike on one of the many trails that offer stunning views of the park's unique geological features.
  • Enjoy a picnic with a backdrop of scenic vistas, including Monkey Face, a rock formation that resembles a monkey's face.


From the Pacific Coast Highway to Smith Rock State Park, Grants Pass offers easy access to some of the most scenic and adventurous road trips in Oregon and neighboring states. Embark on these epic journeys to experience breathtaking landscapes, charming towns, and outdoor adventures that will create unforgettable memories.

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